The Great Zoo of China-Book Review

Ok, before everybody starts screaming ‘spoiler alert’, we all know The Great Zoo of China is about dragons. If you didn’t, where have you been hiding? Just take a look at the massive dragon tail on the front cover or open the first few pages and you’ll see the quote about dragons, not to mention the pictures of the map with the size scale of dragons next to it. That’s before the novel even starts. So no hate people. This book is about dragons. There. I said it.

Matthew Reilly is an Australian Author, and he released The Great Zoo of China in November 2014. You may be familiar with his action-packed work such as The Scarecrow Series or The Jack West series, and almost from the start, The Great Zoo of China is full of relentless action.

If you take the book and flip it over to the back, this is what you’ll see:

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