What Do I Do Next?

What do I do next?

The answer to this rather difficult question came from a light-bulb moment. I was having a conversation with a colleague, and he was talking about a Ted Talk that he watched. He began to describe this talk in vivid detail, and I found myself hanging off every word. I felt motivated, inspired and ready to go, you know, to make something happen. But what?

I reviewed my passions and interests, and through thorough investigation, I decided that I need to invest in myself, just a little bit more. Those who know me, know me as a charismatic, energetic zookeeper who plays with tigers. Those who know me well, know that although I love my career, I am a massive bookworm, fantasy nerd and aspiring author. Not only have I always wanted to intertwine these two careers, but I’ve also wanted to become established in both.

I think that too often we lump people into categories and stereotypes, and suggest that they have to fit into “column A” or “column B” to be successful. The question is, can you dare to fit into both, or better yet, create “column C” as your own? Creating your path is often considered dangerous, risky and unconventional. Unfortunately, unlike those who are subjective to societal expectations, I’m not afraid to admit that I don’t like being generalised or categorised. My goals, my passions and my endeavours are entirely my own. It’s what makes me, me.

2017 will be a defining year for many people, and I suggest that we forfeit the attitude of entitlement and go and actively pursue our goals. That’s what I’ll be doing.

My blog will still focus on book reviews and my thoughts on the current climate of the literary world; however, I will be far more purposeful in my approach and the articulation of my ideas. I will still post YouTube videos discussing my thoughts on books I read; however, 2017 will have a heavier focus on my writing.

Currently, I am working on my first novel, as well as, a collection of poetry and prose. I will be looking to make this blog post a hub for ideas and discussion, which will help me generate not only plans for stories, but a greater understanding of what my audience expects and wants.

Finally, I will be looking at additional work as a freelance writer. Don’t worry; I’ll still be looking after tigers; I want to expand my skills and experience.

So, what do I do next?

Well, I figured 2017 provided an excellent opportunity to revisit one of my all-time favourite series: Harry Potter by J.K Rowling. What I will be doing over the next month is writing a full review and discussion on each of the Harry Potter books (Hopefully with a YouTube video).

I look forward to your feedback and working together to make 2017 the best year yet.


P.S. Here is the link to the video that inspired me.

I hope you find it useful.


6 thoughts on “What Do I Do Next?

  1. Bex @ Bexnbookx

    Hey Matty! Your blog post really resonated with me, because I feel like I am also in the same boat. Over the last two weeks I have literally being trying to create a column for myself after a career setback which made me think ‘do I even like what I am doing’. Answer was no, and that was my turning point.

    I can’t wait to see your journey especially as you go through revising the Harry Potter series.

    Hopefully we both can make 2017 epic!


  2. Deidre

    Inspiring video and inspiring words from you. You probably don’t remember but I think it was in Grade 1 a teacher called Mr. Petrie said to you. You have a gift and one day you will write a book. No doubt this teacher had a better insight into your mind at such a young age. Good luck on writing your novel and when it is published I would love to send Mr. Petrie a copy of your book. All the best for 2017 with your goals and I know that you are never one to give up. Looking forward to the future for you. I know you will work out what is best.


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